Kansai batteries were introduced by Abdul Zahir Bashir General Trading (L.L.C.) BR, a leading supplier for Batteries, Tyres, Inner Tubes and Lubricants in the field Automotive Aftermarket Industry. It occupies pride of place in the product lineup of Abdul Zahir Bashir General Trading (L.L.C.) BR. and has grown from strength to strength over the last 6 years. The Kansai line is increasing in popularity across markets in Middle East, CIS, South Asia and some parts of Africa Thanks to superior quality, reliability and super performance, brand extension and expansion is a natural result of our efforts. The Kansai batteries promises longer shelf life and extended usage life. The safety features of the design employs the use of reinforced polypropylene casings for strength and rigidity. Kansai batteries are a result of stringent tests carried out to ensure safety at all levels of usage. Kansai batteries are a premier choice for cars, trucks and other utility vehicles. Kansai batteries are developed according to Japanese and European specification for various types of vehicles.



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