• Superior dimensional accuracy and surface finish.
  • High level detergency keeps tools clean.
  • Excellent foam suppression.
  • Increases tool service life.

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Product Description

Aquatex 3180 is a high performance general purpose soluble oil, formulated for use in a wide variety of machining operations. With special base oils, coupling agents and a high level of emulsifiers, Aquatex 3180 forms a very stable emulsion in relatively hard water.

Customer benefits

  • High detergency performance keeps grinding wheels free of grit and fines, and flushes and settles chips.
  • Excellent foam suppression in high-speed operations.
  • High performance heat transfer and reduced tool/workpiece friction ensures precise dimensional accuracy and superior surface finish.
  • High-efficiency detergency rapidly removes debris and increases tool service life.
  • High level alkalinity reserve reduces emulsion acids, protecting machine and workpiece from rust and corrosion.
  • Highly stable, long-service alkaline emulsion resists bacterial degradation and biocides combat micro-organisms.


  • Light machining such as drilling, planing, milling, sawing and turning operations on a variety of carbon and alloy steels ranging from soft to medium hardness, particularly where carbide tip tooling is being used.
  • Recommended for grinding operations where very clean emulsions are typically required to permit rapid settling of fines.
  • Water-containing metalworking fluids such as soluble oil emulsions should never be used for machining operations on magnesium or magnesium-containing alloys as a fire or explosion hazard may exist. The recommended product for machining these metals is Caltex Almag Oil.
  • Dilution: General machining: 5 – 10% Grinding: 5%.
  • Aquatex 3180 forms a milky white emulsion when mixed with water.
  • For use in water with total hardness up to 200 mg/L.
  • Always add oil to water (not water to oil).
  • Refractometer factor is 1.1 (i.e., a refractometer reading of 1°Brix represents an emulsion strength of 1.1%).

Technical Specification

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