Kipor Pro X Generator

KIPOR’s new line of Pro-X generators ranging from 11 to 200kVA. The generators are prupose designed to be durable, compact and easy to use. The Pro-X series is a result of KIPOR’s innovation to deliver what our customers are demanding. They incorporate many of the features: strong power, safe to operates, erogonomically designed, easy to serive and maintain. And built to withstand the rough on-site handling and are suitable for use in demanding enviroments, even under the severest conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Good Cooling System:There is direct ventilation duct on the top of the genset with better ventilation permformance. Meanwhile the radiator adopts 50 C heat exchange design, with large cooling power and good heat dissipation performance. The inside temperature can reduce about 8 C. so it can run stably even under extreme high temperature conditions.
  • Safer Output:Adopt split design of input panel and socket panel to greatly improve safety. Battery switch design effectively avoids battery leakage problem, prolonging service time, safer to use.
  • Warning Function:Oil-water seperator warning function is added in this series. When the water content and impurity of the oil are too high, this seperator can filter content and impurity automatically. When filtering to a certain content, the light on the panel with turn on to warn the customer to drainage water content and impurity.
  • User-friendly Design:The radiator filter cover adopts rotary plastic cover, easy to dismantle. The new genset has a rain proof cap on the exhaust pipe with better rain proof performance and the whole genset reaches IP54. The intergral bottom fuel tank, greatly improve the shortage such as fuel leakage and waste fuel reservation.
  • Ultra Silent Running:Adopt integral silent design with unique noise reduction technology. The new door lock has pressing function, making the dealing strip fit the genset better. Serveral kinds of factors effectively reduce the noise.
  • Convenient for maintenance:There are maintenance and check accesses outside the sound enclosure. Open one door for checking and maintenance, more convenient and simpler.
  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank:The large capacity fuel tank at the bottom of the genset extends the running hours to 14 hours. Compared with the previous gensets, it can run another 4 hours, which ensures long time running.